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Cooperative Sustainability Funds Application

The Office of Sustainability is happy to offer a limited amount of financial assistance to students who are members of registered on-campus organizations who wish to partner with one or more other such organizations. The funds will be available to those who have planned events or other initiatives which they can attest will promote a culture of sustainability at Santa Clara University.

Awards are not guaranteed, and are based on availability of funds. Awards are primarily based on how well students articulate their plans to develop a culture of sustainability within the SCU community, specifically focusing on integrating social justice, sustainable economics, and environmental stewardship into their outreach. Applicants are strongly encouraged to partner with other students, across student organizations. For example, if a student wishes to receive funds to attend a sustainability-related conference, he/she must show what he/she will do with information acquired; i.e. how will that information be disseminated to the SCU community and how will it help to build a culture of sustainability?

Please apply online. Contact the Office of Sustainability ( with questions.