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Living Green in the Neighborhood

Santa Clara’s Sustainable House Certification Program for Off-Campus Students. Brought to you by the Associated Student Government and The Office of Sustainability.

Living Green in the Neighborhood allows students living in off-campus houses or apartments to rate how sustainable they are using our Sustainability Scorecard, and make improvements as the quarter or year progresses.

mission sustainable All houses that achieve at least half of the possible points will receive a prize, the level of which will be determined by how many of the more than 106 points possible you earn. We’ll provide all houses who participate with a welcome packet including tips for how to save and a community-supported agriculture box full of fresh local produce.

Winter Quarter sign-ups occurred January 10, 2011 through Friday, January 21, 2011.

Houses wishing to sign up for Spring Quarter must e-mail before the first week of Spring Quarter.


Do you want your house to be part of Living Green in the Neighborhood? Here’s how.

  • iconCertification Levels

    Certified Sustainable House - Highest level. A "Certified Sustainable" Award indicates that the house has received over 85% of the available points from the Assessment.

    Beyond Green House - Middle level. A "Beyond Green" Award indicates that the house received over 70% of the available points from the Assessment.
    Going Green House - Beginning level. A "Going Green" Award indicates that the house has received over 50% of the available points from the Assessment.
  • iconSTEP 1: Contact

    Register online to enroll your house.
    You'll need the following:
    • your name, year of graduation, the address and name of your house (if you have one)
    • how many people are living in the house
    • the name of your house’s Sustainability Champion, who will be the main contact point throughout the program
  • iconSTEP 2: Fill out the Sustainability Scorecard

    Indicate whether your house already does this (over 50% of the residents do it 50% of the time or more) or whether you plan to accomplish it by the end of this quarter or by the time you move out.
  • iconSTEP 3: Plan to have the Sustainability Champion and as many housemates as desired attend the Kickoff Event

    At this meeting, you will meet the other Living Green participants, get an opportunity to ask any questions you have about Living Green, and present your Sustainability Scorecard and Strategy to the Office of Sustainability and other participants.
  • iconSTEP 4: Implement your Strategy

    As you work toward the goals you outlined in your Strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to show your progress by sending in a short description of what you and your housemates are doing, or photos or videos, which may be eligible for prizes. The prize your house achieves will be awarded toward the end of Spring quarter.
  • Living-Green-for-webUseful Links

    If you participate in Living Green, join our Facebook page.

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