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This is the number of SCU students, faculty, staff and alumni who have taken the Sustainability PLEDGE.

Join us, and watch it grow!


The Sustainability PLEDGE

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Santa Clara University are working together to make a more sustainable SCU. Want to get involved? There are so many things we can do - sometimes it can be overwhelming. Instead of asking yourself, "Where do I begin?" start by taking the Sustainability PLEDGE.

How to take the PLEDGE:
Students from Cypress RLC encourage SCU community members to take the PLEDGE 1. Choose one action in each of the categories (energy use, waste production, and sustainable habits) that you can commit to.
2. Fill out the PLEDGE form online or visit one of the following places:

Individuals who take the PLEDGE will receive four items:
1. A copy of your PLEDGE to remind you about your commitment to a more sustainable SCU
2. A PLEDGE button - wear it and be proud of your commitment!
3. A PLEDGE decal - stick it to your window, notebook, or water bottle - it's removable!
4. A PLEDGE card - present it at Mission Bakery on Campus Sustainability Day (10/25/06) and the first Friday of each month for a free cup of Fair Trade coffee. 

repositionable PLEDGE Decal displays your commitmentDon't just PLEDGE - do it!
1. Encourage others to take the PLEDGE.
2. Share your accomplishments with others.
3. Incorporate your three actions into your habits every day. Soon, they will become second nature. When you're ready, kick up the challenge by committing to three new actions.

The Sustainability PLEDGE

I pledge to reduce my energy use

Turn off lights and appliances when I'm not using them
Unplug appliances that I don't often use
Replace my regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents
Change my thermostats a few degrees (down in the winter, up in the summer)
Combine my errands to reduce car trips
Take public transportation/walk/bike/carpool to campus at least one day a week
Take Caltrain to San Francisco instead of my car
Learn how to power my home with "Green" power - and do it!

I pledge to reduce the waste I produce

Use scratch paper for notes and print/copy double-sided
Take my own shopping bags to the grocery store
Use my own water bottle and coffee mug every day
Buy items in bulk and items with minimal packaging
Recycle everything that I can and responsibly dispose of my electronic waste
Sign up to receive all my bills online, rather than in the mail
Sign up for the National Do Not Mail List
Provide and encourage recycling at the events I plan (meetings/meals/parties)

I pledge to develop more sustainable habits

Eat vegetarian more often, and reduce my consumption of meat and seafood
Buy organic produce, and visit the farmer's market near SCU or my home
Think twice about making a purchase - "do I really need more stuff?"
Buy products composed of organic and/or recycled material
Use less water when I wash dishes/brush teeth, take shorter showers
Learn how to offset the CO2 emissions I produce by driving/flying - and do it!
Support fair trade, shade grown, and organic coffee
Learn as much as I can about sustainability and teach others

I pledge to lead by example!

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