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Instructions to insert the MISSION SUSTAINABLE image into your e-mail signature.

Step 1: Note the image file location. 

Either right-click and save the image to your computer, or right click and copy the image URL.

MS_3color_logo 80lc

Step 2: Insert into your e-mail signature

In your email inbox, click on the gear at the top right to access your SCU gmail account settings. In the signature field, insert picture.
Use the saved image, or select URL and paste the copied URL into the field.
The Mission Sustainable image should appear in your signature field.

Be sure to test your new signature with an e-mail to yourself.

Extra: Consider using vertical lines to consolidate the size of your signature. |

The vertical line (usually located between "Backspace" and "Enter" keys on a keyboard) can show breaks without needing a new line.