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Waste Diversion during end-of-year move out

Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012

During the move out process, residents were able to donate clothing, books, and food.

During a stressful and hectic finals week, it is tempting for residents to simply dump everything in the nearest trash bin, but because of Santa Clara's move out process, in the last five years students have diverted over 25 tons of material during the move out process.

Since 2006, the Office of Sustainability has worked with the Housing Office, Facilities, and Campus Safety to provide options for responsible recycling and donations during the end-of-year move out.

This year, many of the donations went to Hope Services, a nonprofit agency with the mission to assist individuals who have developmental disabilities to become valued and participating members of their communities.

One of Hope Services' initiatives includes Cycles of Hope, a program that takes donated bikes, refurbishes and then re-sells them--with all of the proceeds going to support Hope Services' mission. The bikes that were given to Casa Italiana as the 2012 Energy Challenge grand prize were purchased from this program, and the Office of Sustainability and the Housing Office are excited to continue working with Hope Services through the move out process.

In addition to donation bins, residents will also found designated areas for e-waste and normal recycling.

When residents choose to either recycle or donate what they would otherwise throw out, they are not only helping to protect the environment, but they are also helping the university save money! The less we put into the dumpsters, the less the school will have to pay in landfill fees.

So remember, think twice before you throw something away during move out! Most likely, the item can be donated or recycled.

By Amelia Evans, '13 Sustainability Intern -- Residence Life

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