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Group Solar Discount Program

Thursday, Jul. 26, 2012

Special group solar discount program

Introducing Leadership Group SunShares!

Through August 31, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is offering a special group solar discount program to select member organizations throughout the Bay Area, including Santa Clara University, to help reduce your utility bill and generate clean energy.

Leadership Group SunShares is a new, limited time group discount program that helps participants pool their buying power to secure significant discounts and a range of financing options that make going solar more affordable than ever. The program is being offered to Bay Area homeowners affiliated with Santa Clara University as faculty, staff, graduate students, or alumni.

Proposals from multiple solar providers were reviewed by an employee evaluation committee and local contractor REC Solar has been selected to provide you with a no-cost consultation and quote to determine if solar electricity (PV) is right for your home. REC is offering residential solar to SunShares participants at a 25% discount off the average market installation cost. Purchase pricing has been secured, starting at $4.25 per watt (additional cost adders may apply). You can purchase a solar PV system outright, or take advantage of favorable leasing terms available through their financing partner SunRun. The solar lease is now the primary way solar is installed in California and has a number of benefits. Please see the SunShares News page for additional details. 

Next Steps

If you have not signed up for the group, please visit the program website to register. The SunShares team will provide your contact information to REC Solar who will reach out within one week to schedule your consultation.

Please note: In order to prepare a proposal for your home, REC will need the last 12 months of your detailed electricity usage. Please begin to gather this helpful information from recent utility bills or your utility provider's website.

Spread the word

In addition to discounted pricing, Federal tax credits and State rebates that make going solar more affordable than ever, REC will provide each homeowner with a referral incentive if collectively the group reaches specific installation milestones! This opportunity is also open to your family, friends and neighbors in the Bay Area so feel free to forward this information and help reach the program registration goal of 200 participants.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Kevin Armstrong ( with GroupEnergy, the Leadership Group SunShares program technical advisor.

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