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Energy Efficiency

The Admissions & Enrollment Services building features windows that allow natural sunlight in and reduce the need for artificial lighting, which reduces energy consumption. The building also has high reflective rooftops that allow the building to avoid absorbing very much heat, reducing the need for air-conditioning in the building.


Water Conservation and Filtration

The combination of low-flow urinal fixtures, dual flush toilets, and automatic restroom faucets reduces yearly water consumption in the Admissions & Enrollment Services building by about 20,000 gallons per year. The landscape watering system was designed to use the least amount of water while maintaining that all plants get watered. Finally, the building has a system of rain gutters and bioswales to control runoff, which prevents soil erosion and ensures proper filtration of the water before it enters the city water system.


Air Quality

The Admissions & Enrollment Services building was built with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content for all paints, flooring, adhesives, and sealants. All wood products used in construction also have a low-VOC content and are formaldehyde free. The building, along with the rest of campus buildings, is non-smoking.


Waste Reduction

All carpeting in the Admissions & Enrollment Services building is tiled carpeting, allowing for easy removal and replacement of small parts. Recycling bins throughout the building are intended to collect plastics #1-7, glass, aluminum, tin, mixed paper, and cardboard.



The majority of the furniture in the Admissions & Enrollment Services building is made in part from recycled content, and at least 90 percent of all furniture is recyclable. Also, nearly all of the furniture in the building was manufactured by Steelcase, an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing practices.


Construction and Demolition

The construction process for the Admissions & Enrollment Services building was conducted carefully, and all refuse was hauled off in such a manner that 100 tons of waste material that would have otherwise gone to landfill were recycled instead. All of the materials and construction methods involved in the construction of the building are intended to reduce not only the waste involved in the construction process but also to increase the air quality of the finished building.

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Green Power

The Admissions & Enrollment Services building takes advantage of the SCU green power grid, which not only receives its power from a Green-E energy provider, but also has its own solar collection system which generates roughly 90,000 kilowatt hours of energy for the campus throughout the year.


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