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Office Supplies

 Office supplies. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.
Office Supplies

Many of your old office supplies can be recycled. Information on how to recycle these products is listed below.

Office Supplies

  • iconWhat can I do with overhead transparencies?

    Because the coating on the plastic for overhead transparencies is unique, they cannot be recycled on campus. Even though they can't be recycled in your regular bin, there are still many options of disposal for you to choose from. RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) accepts these items and they can be dropped off at either their San Jose or Sunnyvale locations. They will donate these items for teachers and students to use.

    More information on how to donate to RAFT

    You can also send these items to 3M’s recycling program in Pennsylvania.

  • iconWhat can I do with old floppy disks?

    Floppy disks are considered to electronic waste, so the best way to dispose of these items is by taking them to recycling centers that deal with this kind of inventory. There are numerous recycling centers that will accept floppy disks, whether or not the information has been removed. The closest center to SCU is Earth Care Recycling in San Jose. If you want to really get creative, you can make items items like coasters, pen holders, and notepads out of them. You can even make a Starship Enterprise.
  • iconHow do I recycle vinyl banners?

    You can contact RAFT to see if they will accept them as teaching supplies. You also might want to list them on the SCU classifieds web site or ask faculty and staff members if they want to take them home for repurposing.
  • iconWhat do I do with old business cards?

    Fortunately, business cards, because they are made of paper, are among those items that can be recycled. If you lean towards the creative side, however, there are a number of ways in which you can reuse these cards:

    Cue Cards: Discreet and the perfect hand-held size, old business cards will let you keep your major points in check as well as wave good-bye to the days of clunky index cards.
    Matching Game: You've been left with your four year-old niece in a surprise babysitting scenario, with the minute hand ticking by slower than the rate of tectonic plate shifts. Only amateurs leap for the television remote; you have your business card matching game on hand! To prepare, just take all those leftover cards and either paint or color them in pairs on the blank side, and voila!
    Love Cards: Forget about Valentine's Day; who knew your stodgy business cards could become one of your most romantic gestures? They're the perfect size for little notes to be left in your loved one's purse, under the pillow, or in his or her lunch bag. You get extra points if you decorate them with paint and glitter.
    Gift Cards: Take two cards, glue the printed sides together, take care of your 'To' and 'From', hole punch the corner, and use a ribbon to attach it to your thoughtful present. So long, five-dollar greeting cards.
    Shopping List: Was it baking soda or baking powder you needed? Oh wait; you can just check your mini business card shopping list.

  • iconCan I recycle old carbonless copy forms?

    Carbonless paper can be safely recycled like most other paper. It should, however, not be confused with carbon paper, which is a black inky sheet placed between two sheets of paper to make a pressure copy. Carbon paper cannot be recycled.
  • iconAre CDs recyclable?

    Currently, our Facilities department does not accept CD's as recyclable materials. However, there are a couple different options for you to recycle or reuse CD's:
    • If you're getting rid of store bought CD's (with the case and paper insert), you can donate them to a used CD store or bring them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
    • Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) will accept any type of CD and/or CD case.
    • Or, you can send them to The Compact Disc Recycling Center of America, 68H Stiles Road Salem, NH 03079. This center will recycle the case and paper insert as well.
    • If you want to get really creative, there are plenty of other ways to reuse old CDs.
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