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 Compost. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find out how, where, and what to compost on and off campus. Compost FAQs.

 Recycling. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

All plastics, metals, glass, and paper can be recycled on campus. Recycling FAQs.

 Landfill. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Chip bags, wrappers, and off-campus disposable items can be placed in landfill bins on campus. Landfill FAQs.

 Electronics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

Find out how to properly donate, recycle, or dispose of your electronics here. Electronics FAQs.

 Office supplies. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.
Office Supplies

Have old office supplies that you no longer need? There are many recycling options you can take. Office Supplies FAQs.

 Batteries and ink cartridges. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.
Universal Waste

Waste such as CDs, batteries and ink cartridges need to be recycled separately. Universal Waste FAQs.

 Donations. Photo from Pixabay.

Find out how to donate unwanted items such as books, clothes, and other supplies. Donations FAQs.

 Plastics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

All plastics, including thin-film plastics, can be recycled on campus. Candy wrappers and chip bags must be sent to landfill. Plastics FAQs.

 Move-out. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find information for Spring Move-Out here. Move-out FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling, Composting, and Waste

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Why do we have compost containers in some buildings on campus and not on others?

Since Fall 2008, the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Department have been collaborating on a university-wide Recycling System Upgrade for all SCU buildings. The program is intended to facilitate recycling and composting, increase waste diversion on campus, and standardize the appearance of our bins (no more old faded labels!). The order in which the buildings are upgraded depends on a variety of factors including bin availability, custodial service training, and communication with building administrators.

When we "upgrade" a building's recycling system, two things happen: 

1. All faculty and staff in the building receive a new blue recycling bin in place of their old trash can. They can place all recyclable items (glass, aluminum, paper, and plastics #1-7) in this bin, which now is emptied by a custodian. A small black wastebasket for landfill items hangs on the side, which faculty and staff empty as needed.

2. The building's common areas receive standardized recycling and waste containers, with clear labels and lids for wide openings for recyclables. Employee break areas and kitchens are stocked with a compost bin to collect food waste.

So far, the campus-wide upgrade has been successful and we have received positive feedback from faculty and staff. Many report they are excited to participate in waste diversion, especially since it's now easier to recycle.

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