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What does sustainability mean to you?

Wednesday, May. 6, 2009

After working on this project since February 1st, my definition of sustainability has changed. I originally characterized it has leaving enough resources for future generations to have the same opportunities as we do now. I still find truth in this definition. But now that I have worked closely with San Jose High School I realize sustainability is not as easy as it sounds.

There are a lot of politics and differences that need to be worked out in order to try and be sustainable. San Jose High School started a recycling program. I would consider this sustainable because they are trying to reuse plastic for later uses. This seems like a great and easy idea. After writing a proposal for their recycling plan, authority figures at the high school were not very supportive. The struggles of being sustainable have changed my opinions. I do agree with my initial thoughts but learned to be sustainable is a lot harder than I originally envisioned.

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