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Reflections of participants in the 2009 Sustainability Decathlon

  •  Mid-point reflections

    Thursday, Mar. 12, 2009

    I was extremely impressed with the progress that my peers talked about during their presentations. It’s great to hear the pride in their voices when they talk about the enthusiasm they see at their meetings. The ideas that they have all presented have been very diverse, and since some kids are more knowledgeable than many of us are, their ideas of fascinating and very creative.

    It’s also interesting to see the challenges they face. According to some of the presentations, some schools didn’t even have recycling programs due to, for example, budget cuts. Yet those mentors seem to be even more persistent and are incredibly motivated by the progress their students make.

  •  First Meeting: Highlights and Lowlights

    Sunday, Mar. 1, 2009

    First of all, the team at Silver Creek High School is comprised of a school club that has already made a number of achievements on their campus. They have already started a recycling program, which is completely self-run by the club. Club members pick up cans, bottles and paper at a particular time every week. They have also successfully planned hikes that, although occur less frequently than they want, occur on a somewhat regular basis.

  •  First Meeting: Highlights and Lowlights

    Sunday, Mar. 1, 2009

     I want these projects to be realistic so they are actually possible and will start to make a difference. Two years ago St. Lawrence got waterless urinals installed at their school and this is a great idea of a realistic project that was implemented. 

  •  First Meeting: Highlights and Lowlights

    Sunday, Mar. 1, 2009

    San Jose High School is still energized about getting their Environmental Club started. They have contacted the City of San Jose to get recycling bins for around their campus. The goal is to have 10 recycling bins around the campus for alminum and plastic. There are also getting paper-recycling containers for every room. The club has set up a system where two students will collect from a different hall each day.

    The school has announcements over a loud speaker, but they are neither heard or paid attention to. Also, the principle wants a written proposal of how the club is actually going to get the recycling program running. Apparently the school already has recycling picked up by the garbage company but nobody collects is from the classrooms.

  •  First Meeting: Highlights and Lowlights

    Sunday, Mar. 1, 2009

    What was really cool was that Tracey and I didn’t even have to give them many suggestions at all—they came up with a list of great ideas on their own and were actually getting pretty excited about accomplishing their goals. The group as a whole has an incredible sense of responsibility to do their part in helping make the human race more sustainable and they are fully aware that their small actions can help to have a great impact on the larger systems around them—the city, the state, etc.