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Reflections of participants in the 2009 Sustainability Decathlon

  •  What is your favorite category in the Sustainability Decathlon?

    Sunday, Mar. 1, 2009

    In my opinion, the “food and agriculture” section of the toolkit was the most interesting. Growing up, we never ate red meat in our household and always had a garden and compost in our backyard. As a child, I loved gardening and getting my rain boots on and squishing things up in our compost, but today I’ve learned, aside from enjoyment, the other purposes of these two things.

    I’ve also seen how easy it is to maintain them and how accessible information on the internet is on how to, for example, start a compost. Also, I think that the idea of a “100 Mile Diet” is fascinating; generally where and how our food is acquired isn’t really something that crosses most people’s minds, but this part of the toolkit really got me thinking.

  •  Potential Challenges

    Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

    Presentation High School partner Laura Farley: I think the biggest challenge for Laura and me will be to make it to their meetings.  They plan on meeting on either Mondays or Tuesdays at lunch time.  Some weeks this may work for us and others it won’t.  The most important thing is for us to keep in touch with the girls via email and phone so we can help them with as much as possible.  But so far everything is going very smoothly and the group of girls we are working with are very determined to win!

  •  Potential Challenges

    Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

    Wilcox High School partner Quentin: I think a challenge for everyone, especially me (probably most of all) is going to be allotting time to this (these) project(s).  The kids seem really excited and motivated, but that is often how it is at first, but when it becomes time to commit, we will probably see our numbers drop a bit. 

  •  Potential Challenges

    Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

    San Jose High School: One of the main challenges that the students might face is getting the funds for the new recycling project. There was a paper recycling program at the school last year, but there was a lack of funding, so the program does not exist anymore and the school does not recycle anything. We talked to the students about applying for a grant through the Santa Clara Sustainability Decathlon to help start the program. They were also talking about saving the money they would receive from recycling and putting it towards their project to help keep it going in the future.

  •  Potential Challenges

    Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

    St. Ignatius High School: I think the biggest challenge will be communicating with the team.  Because they are located in San Francisco, it will make it harder to stay in touch with the team.  I will not be able to visit as much (or at all), as I would working with closer schools.  So far it has already proved a little challenging to stay in contact.  I am hoping to set up a weekly or biweekly time in which we can consistently talk over the phone or Skype.  Originally, we discussed talking over Skype, but my laptop has been delayed for a number of weeks, so I have not been able to set that up quite yet.  Hopefully that will change soon.  As of now, we have scheduled to talk over the phone next week (week eight).