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Reflections of participants in the 2009 Sustainability Decathlon

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  •  Reflect on your first meeting

    Friday, Feb. 6, 2009

    Upon arriving at San Jose High School we did not know what to expect; we knew little about the school or their current environmental club. There were eight students and their teacher Alex, who is an Ameri-corp teacher. We discussed the Decathlon program and a few possibilities for the students to start. Everyone sounded very excited to start.

    The students at San Jose High School were very enthusiastic about implementing new programs at their school related to sustainability. When we arrived at their classroom, they already had some ideas listed on the board about what changes could be made at their school. The students were motivated and excited to start making a difference on their high school campus.

  •  Reflect on your first meeting

    Friday, Feb. 6, 2009

    Our first meeting went pretty well. We attended a regular Green Club meeting at Presentation, and we were happy to see that there are a lot of students club. The club leaders made some announcements and then introduced us. We explained who we are and why we care about sustainability. Then we told them about the Sustainability Decathlon. We briefly went over the ten categories and wrote them on the board. We thought it was a good idea to put the categories on the board because several girls asked questions about them. At the end of the meeting, Ms. Rahmig, the club moderator, asked who was interested in working on the Sustainability Decathlon and several students raised their hands, which was encouraging. We gave her our contact information so that we can stay in communication.

    One way of improving our presentation would have to been to include a PowerPoint instead of writing on the board because it would have appeared more professional. We also would have liked to have more time, since the meeting took place during their lunch period, which was pretty short.

    Overall, we feel like we were pretty prepared and the meeting went well. We tried to make it as personal as possible, and it seems like there are several students who are interested in participating. 

  •  Reflect on your first meeting

    Friday, Feb. 6, 2009

    These students are simply incredible. From the first time that we met them, Kristin and I could not believe the level of comprehension regarding environmental issues that these freshmen in high school possessed. They answered all of our questions, had interesting ideas, and shouted approval in unison when we asked them if they were excited about this project. It seems that these high school kids are desperate for a chance to exercise their creativity, and I can’t imagine a better way to be spending class time. I sincerely hope that this project can foster a love of actively changing the world. If these students are an accurate portrayal of today’s students, then our world is in good hands. I can’t wait to keep working with Wilcox.