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Mid-point reflections

Thursday, Mar. 12, 2009

The freshmen and sophomores in Mr. Dowling’s first period biology class have proven to be true Chargers (Wilcox’s beloved mascots) since the beginning of the Sustainability Decathlon competition. Intrigued by challenges and proactive in their actions, the students have developed ideas, plans, and projects through independent collaboration and hard work to meet the requirements of the 10 Sustainability categories.

Divided into six teams, yet united by goals, the students have focused their efforts on a few key areas for the decathlon. Needless to say they have not only blown away their mentors, but it is likely the will blow away the competition as well! Some of the work done on their respective projects has been done during class time, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Dowling, but much of it has been done independently and outside of class as well. The students have been very aggressive in setting goals and coming up with a variety of projects, and so far have followed through on the majority of their plans, all with much support from their teacher, mentors, faculty/staff, and fellow peers.

Team Wilcox has big plans for making sustainability a central aspect of their campus life, first by winning this competition!

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