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Mid-point reflections

Thursday, Mar. 12, 2009

It has been rewarding to participate in the Sustainability Decathlon this quarter. There have been ups and downs, but everything has been a useful learning experience. My experiences working with Saint Ignatius and Silver Creek High School have been unique and challenging in different ways. Both schools have some really exciting projects planned for the Sustainability Decathlon. It seems to me that if I were to sum up this quarter in one sentence, it would be that the majority of the time it has been spent preparing for the implementation of project ideas.

I am especially excited for spring quarter to start so we can start to see projects happen! Also, I cannot wait to see the final presentations in May, especially because I did not get to see them the last time I participated in the Sustainability Decathlon! It seems to me that it is very important for these students to have the opportunity to showcase all of their hard work.

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