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How will you use your experiences after the Decathlon is over?

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

This experience has been amazing and I’m so glad to have been a part of it and I am glad to genuinely say I think I will be able to carry what I have learned into my future. Working with St. Lawrence has been so great because of the students Rose and I were paired up with. The boys at the school are so intelligent and excited about sustainability that it makes me even more passionate about these issues.

Something that I think I will take into the futures is all the small actions that I can do to make a difference. For example, the boys from St. Lawrence were very excited about the 100-mile diet and buying food at the farmers market. One of our projects was thinking of and making recipes from food that is easily accessible at farmers markets. Because I will be living down here this summer and for the next year I know I will be able to actually use these.

Something else that Rose and I talked about is neither of us has ever really worked with kids closer to our age. We both have worked with very little kids often but have never worked with people within two or three years of our age. This experience has helped me realize what it means to be more of a friend and a mentor. The boys at St. Lawrence and Rose and I got along really well and were able to joke together and I think we worked well because of that.

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