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Ideas for next year's Sustainability Decathlon

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

I unfortunately have been unable to meet with my team yet this quarter. We really didn’t have much time when you factor in spring break for them and other scheduling issues. For next year however maybe there are a few things we could try to help prevent similar situations. Perhaps on the first day when we decide which mentor teams the newbies are going to join we could do it in a slightly more organized fashion. We could have all of the mentor teams write what day they currently meet with their group. Then the new folks could choose accordingly. I know we tried that a little this year but I think we need to remember that the groups might not be able to change the date they are currently meet because they have scheduling issues of their own. Other than that I think it is just going to have to be an obstacle that the new folks are going to have to deal with. Maybe there could be some additional roles for the new folks that are having trouble getting with the groups. For example helping organize some more of the Santa Clara side of the decathlon. Either way, I still feel like it is great experience.

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