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How will you use your experiences after the Decathlon is over?

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

Once the Decathlon is over, I am considering using the experience I’ve had to go back to my high school in Seattle and talk to the faculty to see if something similar would be applicable. I feel that my high school would be willing to get something of that nature going considering is has Earth Day events already. Even though I will not be there during the school year, I can still try to get more green activities for the year setup during the summer and get student interest high and then once the year start I can be in constant contact with them. Although it would not be similar to the Sustainability Decathlon because it would not be a competition, just one high school, at least I would be able to help my high school to become more green.

Also this project is simply good experience being a leader because that is always an important skill to have in life. The think the more applicable stage for putting my experiences to use is in college though. Although I will not be leading a team or starting an entire new project, I will still be able to teach my friends about sustainability and how to be more sustainable just in everyday living that people don’t normally see. I think that is where this experience will do the most good and where I will be able to make the biggest difference for the environment is simply teaching my friends.

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