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How will you use your experiences after the Decathlon is over?

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

I will use my experiences mentoring high school students to better able explain the concept of sustainability to my peers. While mentoring at San Jose High School, I had to choose how I would discuss sustainability in a way that the students, who were new to the concept, could understand. Even though I have taken classes on the environment and sustainability, I now feel like I have a better definition of what “sustainability” means.

In the process of creating the Sustainability Decathlon Toolkit with our class and helping the students come up with ideas for their projects, I discovered new ways of being sustainable that I could apply to my own life. I have shared some of these new ideas with my family and friends. Hopefully I have encouraged them to start living more sustainably.

I will also use my experiences from the Sustainability Decathlon to encourage my peers to be involved in sustainability projects around campus. I have talked about the Sustainability Decathlon and the Sustainability Outreach class with a lot of my friends and they all thought it was an interesting project. I have shared with them some of my experiences, how I enjoy mentoring the high school students, and the importance of teaching others about sustainability. I am hoping that they will be interested in participating in the class the next time it is offered. In the meantime, I am encouraging them to become involved with other environmental clubs and classes on campus.

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