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Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

Working with the high school students at Harker has been really fun so far even though Emily and I have only been working with them for a short time. They are so open to ideas and have their ideals and values in working order. To see their optimism for the future is so refreshing amidst the doomsday attitude surrounding a lot of the environmental issues were are facing today. Their hope for change in youth is something that I will hold on to after I stop working with these students. It is so good to see how much high school students are getting involved in this issue.

When I attended high school a mere two years ago, I don’t think we even had a green or environment club on campus at all. All I remember about the environment is telling my friends to recycle all their stuff leftover from lunch. Their knowledge of the issues and current political dealings with these issues is impressive. It gives me hope for the future that more and more of my generation are getting involved in the future of our planet.

The HEART club shows how easy it is to apply sustainable practices to our schools. If high school students can do it, my college peers can definitely do it. There are no excuses, especially when we are in a more liberal and free environment away from parental and older generational influences. If high school students can recycle in a school more restricted by administrative influences and bureaucratic red tape, my friends can recycle.

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