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How will you use your experiences after the Decathlon is over?

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

For me learning is a life long process. There is always something new to learn and everyone has knowledge to share with others. You can learn from your conversations and actions with others and can choose to adapt certain positive habits that they have. As an outreach member, we can set a good example and practice sustainable living and share our tips and information with friends and family. They also may have certain suggestions for improving more every day. Also, by learning to live simply one can have a great impact on saving water. For example, you can take shorter showers and turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. A little goes a long way and certainly adds up.

It is important to share our expertise with those around us like friends and family so we can increase our impact and help our environment even more. This program could also continue to grow and the class should be taught again next year. The sustainability decathlon is successful because the high school and college students are somewhat close in age and work as a team together and share common goals of learning about sustainability and creating awareness within their projects.

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