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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

The question for this week’s journal was, “have you seen a ripple effect from your actions?” To be quite honest, no. I have not actually had the time to see a ripple effect from my actions since I have only visited Silver Creek once. I did however notice something when I did visit.

Although I was somewhat on the outside of what was going on because I was not nearly as well informed as Silas or Tracy, I was able to talk a little about Solar Decathlon with one of the students and my involvement in it. When I started talking about some of the things that we going on in the house, it was as if something clicked. It seemed that she got a little more excited because she realized that in a way the Sustainability Outreach and the Solar Decathlon are very similar projects even though they are on completely different scales.

Other than that, there was not that much that went on during this week’s meeting. I was introduced to the people that were there and the teachers, but there were a lot of people missing because there was A.P. testing and a track meet at that same time slot. Regardless, it was good to go, talk to the kids, and learn about the projects they are doing. Also when we mentioned what some of the other schools were doing in a very general sense so as not to give anything away, they got some really great ideas about what they could do after the competition, but also for years in the future.

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