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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

The students on our Decathlon team at Presentation were already very passionate about sustainability before we started working with them. At the first meeting, they came up with a bunch of ideas for projects with minimal prompting from us. So while we may reinforce the importance of sustainability, our team has been self-motivated from the start.

One way the Sustainability Decathlon is having a ripple effect at Presentation is that the team is doing more outreach to their own school community. The Decathlon has helped them channel their efforts toward planning on-campus events that will educate other students who don’t know as much about sustainability. Today, the team is having a trash-sorting event to raise awareness at Presentation about the importance of recycling. Next Tuesday, they are having a belated Earth Day event that will hopefully create lots of excitement about sustainability on their campus. Emily and I are planning on attending, so it will be fun to see the final result of all their efforts and planning!

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