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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

Working with my team, I think there are a couple different effects going on in addition to a ripple effect. I see a ripple effect in the support that the club gets from their school, which indicates that they have an influence on making their campus more sustainable, little by little. So far, they have received support and implemented paper recycling, and are working on receiving permission to use some of the land on their campus for a garden. These small actions ripple out and spread awareness to the larger student body, just by being present. The biggest ripple would probably be if they completed their own outreach to the St. Lawrence Elementary School, and started them on a couple small projects that could be fun and educational and green!

Besides a ripple effect though, I think there is also kind of a ‘mirror’ effect going on. I feel that as much as we as mentors influence them, they have influenced us through sharing their new ideas. For example, neither Katherine nor I is very much technologically inclined, but their science fair project allows us to challenge our own thinking about sustainability.

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