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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

I have yet to meet with team because they haven’t met in two weeks due to spring break and tests. This week they are scheduled to meet during a conflicting lab class of mine. Lauren is supposed to talk to them today and see if they are willing to change their meeting time to Mondays.

The fact that I have yet to meet with them makes it hard to answer this week’s question. Instead I am going to reflect a bit on my thoughts on the team and their situation even though I have yet to meet them.

Last week during our checkup meetings, Lauren and Diana expressed how they were a little worried about how the team is going to react when they come to the competition and see other schools with huge well-established groups with lots of support and resources. We talked about how important it was to ready them for this, so it wasn’t a shock on the day of the decathlon. The last thing we want is for a brand new team to be discouraged by other teams. Yes, the teams are competing and thus are going to be compared, but to an extent they shouldn’t compare themselves to some of the more established teams. Personally I think it is almost more impressive to start something from nothing without much guidance or structure. Hopefully when I meet the team next week I can help to impress this upon them.

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