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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

I feel that the students at San Jose High School are learning and benefiting from participating in the Sustainability Decathlon. They have come a long way from when we first started meeting with them. They were new to the idea of sustainability last quarter, but they have expanded their knowledge on the subject and are working on sharing what they know with their school and community. We, as mentors, provided them with resources and knowledge to help get them started. The students then went on to develop, organize, and implement their own sustainable projects. The students and their teacher have expressed their concern for protecting the environment and have found ways that they can live more sustainably. Their projects  not only have the potential of impacting the students and faculty on their campus, but can also be an example for other schools and members of the community to follow. Once they have completed all of their projects, I’m hoping they will be able to see a huge difference in the way they have modified their lifestyle to be more sustainable and how their peers and family members have done the same.

This competition has given these students the opportunity to experience something new that they probably would not have experienced at their school and hopefully has had a significant effect on their lives.

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