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Are you seeing any ripple effect from your actions?

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

The effect Emily and I have had on HEART at Harker is hard to judge. Having only been to two meetings, we have only really contributed logistic information and put forth some ideas for projects that are completely superfluous given the dedication of the team and the breadth and depth of the projects they have undertaken. All Emily and I have really done is say how they can overlap their projects and make them more interdisciplinary in terms of the judging categories. For example, I mentioned that when they go around sorting recycling they could pull a water bottle that was thrown out instead of recycled and trace what would have happened to the water bottle if left in the trash, where the trash would go, how long it would remain there, etc. This requires a little more research but could be expanded into a couple of categories.

While Emily and I are really excited about our team, it does seem like they are chugging along at a great pace without any of our help. We are really there to help translate the projects they are doing into the terms judged at the sustainability decathlon; however, it is still amazing to see how the green movement has expanded on high school campuses. Even though I was in high school a mere two years ago, I don’t think an environment club existed on my campus. The force at which the eco-movement has spread is mind boggling and to be witness to such devotion to the environment at a high school level is very impressive, if not a little humbling.

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