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Ideas for next year's Sustainability Decathlon

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2009

To me, the ultimate goal of the sustainability decathlon is to create an awareness for the world about taking care of our environment and encouraging action in everyone. The fact that we are mentoring younger students is great because we are spreading the message to the younger generations so they can keep it alive and they can mentor other younger students as well. Through their projects, they are learning more about the need for sustainability and they are helping with the ripple effect to inspire other students to do the same.

The group presentations will be interesting and helpful to see all the different ideas that school can start to become greener and better. The solar decathlon will take place in October and all the houses will be judged on ten categories and on their overall philosophy and outreach activities. For the toolkit, I would make the connection between the solar decathlon and sustainability decathlon more clear and recruit more people from the solar decathlon team. Also, have more direct communication between both groups and attend each others events as well as have socials so everyone gets to know more people who care about sustainability like they do.

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