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What does sustainability mean to you?

Wednesday, May. 6, 2009

Sustainability means the same to me now as it did at the beginning of this course in Winter Quarter. I still believe that this concept involves conservation. Sustainability means conserving materials and natural resources so that life and the environment can still survive.

I feel that I am now better at explaining the concept of sustainability and sharing with others the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle. I have also learned so many new ways of being more sustainable and how to incorporate them into my own life.

Through our student’s projects, I have been able to see sustainable changes being made. Watching the students work on their projects has made the definition of sustainability more real to me. If the projects are able to be continued at San Jose High School in the future, there will be great, lasting, sustainable improvements occurring on their campus. I am glad we have had the opportunity to work with younger children so that they have the opportunity to grow up learning about sustainability and conservation and are able to make these sustainable changes on their campus and in their own lives, and be able to see the results.

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