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How will you use your experiences after the Decathlon is over?

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

I think every experience and challenge you take on helps you build character and will always be useful in the future. Working with high school students has been really interesting. It has been challenging at times, especially with working with a biology class at Wilcox, where not every student who is there necessarily wants to be, or wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t part of their grade. So that made it challenging.

But on the other hand having such young students with such great ambitions (in their projects and goals) was really inspiring. I think any situation in which you have to work with a diverse group of people will be a really valuable experience, especially for working in the “real world.” In life you have to figure out how to motivate people, how to help others to open their minds to new ideas, that’s a big part of what being a leader is about (not just delegating and having power). So I think this was a really good leadership experience that I will continue to build upon throughout my career and life.

I think that there is a lot of need at Santa Clara, especially in the business school, to communicate the importance of sustainability among students, and even faculty. So the way I see it –if I can work with high school students who are generally stubborn as hell, then college kids shouldn’t be too bad, right? Having experience explaining sustainability and working with people who may be hesitant will serve as an excellent foundation.

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