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 Batteries and ink cartridges. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.
Batteries and Ink Cartridges

Batteries and ink cartridges need to be recycled separately. Information on how and where to recycle these products can be found below.


Batteries and Ink Cartridges

  • iconHow do I recycle my batteries and ink cartridges on campus?

    If you live in a residence hall, you can drop off batteries and ink cartridges in the small blue containers at the front desk. It is important that you not place these items in the regular landfill or recycle bins because they contain harmful heavy metals that need to be handled carefully.

    Faculty and staff can send batteries and ink cartridges through the inter-campus mail system to Facilities. If you have a large toner cartridge, you may request a pick-up from facilities by calling or emailing them with your request (x4742 or

  • iconHow do I recycle batteries and ink cartridges off campus?

    If you live off campus and are looking to recycle your batteries, you can drop them off at the City of Santa Clara Battery Drop-Off site located at 1500 Warburton Avenue, or you can take them to one of our local fire stations. Office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot accept ink cartridges, as well.