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sustainability at scu
 Compost. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find out how, where, and what to put in compost on and off campus.



  • iconWhat is compostable on campus?

    All leftover food: Fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy, meat, fish, and bones
    Food-soiled paper and cardboard: (any paper or cardboard product that is wet or greasy) Muffin & sandwich wrappers, pastry bags, pizza boxes
    Dining services to-go: Containers, plates, napkins, cups, fountain drinks (cups, lids, & straws)
    Black plastic utensils are recyclable
    Coffee & tea: Grounds & filters, cups & sleeves, tea bags, wooden sticks
    Please recycle coffee lids
    Paper Towels
  • iconWhy can I compost meat and dairy?

    At Santa Clara University, we use a commercial composting facility that operates at higher heat temperatures and can break down more compostable items than backyard composting.
  • iconWhere do I compost on campus?

    Composting bins are located in Benson Memorial Center, Mission Bakery, Cadence Cyber Cafe, Sunstream Cafe, Malley Fitness Center, Leavey Event Center, and various academic buildings.

    Need a compost bin near your area? Email

  • iconHow can I compost in my residence hall?

    Each residence hall has a green composting bin located in its external waste area. You may collect your composting scraps and toss them in those bins daily.

    In Fall 2012, the Office of Sustainability and the Housing Department launched a compost pail program for campus residents to compost within their own rooms. Interested in becoming apart of the pilot? Email