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 Recycling. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find out what you can and cannot recycle on campus.

  • iconWhat is recyclable on campus?

    All plastic types: #1-7, except polystyrene (Styrofoam)
    Thin-film plastics: This includes plastic bags (dry cleaning, bread bags, and grocery bags) as well as plastic wrap (Cellophane, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap). Bundle these plastics together in a clear bag and knot at the top.

    Paper: White & colored paper, newspaper, magazines, paperboard boxes, and photographs. Staples and tape are okay.
    Laminated paper cannot be recycled because the paper and plastic cannot be separated in the recycling process.
    Milk Cartons
  • iconCan I recycle plastic bags and other thin-film plastics?

    Yes. Plastic bags and other thin-film plastics can be recycled on campus if they are bundled together in a clear bag that is knotted at the top. If you live off-campus in Santa Clara, you can also bundle, knot, and throw plastic bags and thin-film plastics in your recycle bin. For other cities, check with your local waste hauler.
  • iconCan I recycle frozen food packaging?

    Frozen food boxes (made out of paperboard) are not recyclable because they are sprayed with a plastic coating that protects the contents against freezer burn. Once the material has this coating, it does not break apart into pulp during the cardboard recycling process. Any box with this type of plastic coating (or waxy coating) is not recyclable.

    Frozen food packages made from cardboard or thin-film plastics (such as frozen food bags or pouches) are recyclable on campus. In general, paperboard boxes are recyclable, so long as

    • they haven't gotten wet
    • they haven't been exposed to oil or grease (this is why pizza box bottoms are not recyclable)
    • the plastic liner (common with food boxes) has been removed.