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Waste diversion in campus offices

These guidelines identify materials that can (and cannot) be recycled or composted at SCU. Please contact with questions or suggestions and visit Frequently Asked Questions about recycling and waste at SCU.


Print-your-own Signs
Please click on the links below to view a .jpg file of each sign. Print in color, full-size on an 8.5x11 inch white paper.
Or contact Facilities to request laminated signs.
Compost 8.5x11

instruction sign for composting in offices

Recycle 8.5x11

instruction sign for recycling in offices

Waste 8.5x11



All work stations are provided with the following

  • new recycle binRecycling Receptacle

    Blue container
    Recycling items: glass, plastics #1-7, aluminum, metal (includes aluminum foil), and paper. Paper includes white/colored paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, newspapers, and magazines.
  • new wastebin mdLandfill Waste

    Small black container
    Landfill waste: anything that is not recyclable or compostable.
    This is a temporary container for your landfill waste. Please empty the contents of this container into your common area waste container.

Recyclable Items

These items should be recycled either in your department's common area recycling bins, by calling Facilities to request a pick-up, or by mailing small items to Facilities via intercampus mail.
Wondering where an item goes? E-mail
  • undefinedMixed Recycling

    Rinsed recyclable glass, plastic (#1-7), tin, aluminum, white/colored paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, newspapers, and magazines.

    These items should be placed in any recycling container.

    ** For bulk paper or book recycling please request a wheeled recycling container from Facilities. Either place a work order, call (554-4742) or e-mail Facilities (

  • undefinedPaper

    Paper is now accepted in any recycling bin (see above).
  • undefinedCardboard

    Corrugated cardboard, including clean pizza box tops. Please flatten first.

    These items should be placed *FLAT* behind any recycling container. 

    Please do not place large cardboard items in the blue paper recycling bags, as box edges tend to tear the bags.

  • laptopElectronic Waste

    Electronic waste is anything with an electric cord or a battery (except cell phones which are recycled in a different location).
    Please contact Facilities (554-4742 or to request a pick-up.
  • undefinedSpecial Electronic Waste

    Cell phones, cell phone chargers (and other accessories), and ink cartridges.
    Please mail these items to Facilities via intercampus mail.
  • lightbulbUniversal Waste

    Batteries and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    Please mail these items to Facilities via intercampus mail.

  • cube recycling copyNot sure where an item goes?

    We are in the process of standardizing recycling bins throughout campus. Please be patient as we phase in new containers and labels.
    If you're still unsure, or have a question, e-mail

Compostable Items

Please place compostable materials (food waste and biodegradable serviceware) in the compost receptacle in your break room/common area. This container will be emptied as often as needed. Compostable materials are taken to an off-site composting facility.
  • compostWhat to compost

    Food scraps, brown napkins, tea bags, coffee filters, coffee grounds, take-out containers from Bon Appetit (compostable service ware includes: plates, cups, food containers).

    For a more detailed list of compostable materials, please visit Composting at SCU.

  • compostbinWhere's my department's compost bin?

    SCU started our compost collection program in May 2009. We began by collecting compostable waste from the kitchen in Benson Center. In September, we expanded our compost collection to Market Square and all residence halls.

    SCU's composting program is still new, and we're phasing it in slowly to give the campus community time to adjust to our new waste diversion practices! Academic buildings are undergoing a transformation to a new desk-side recycling and waste collection system. As we phase in a new building, we are adding compost collection containers in those buildings' kitchen/break rooms.