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 How Do I Recycle My Old Mattresses?

Posted on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011

Mattresses have many components that can be recycled. The wood, foam, cotton, and metal springs can all be reused, which is why there are many organizations that are willing to accept mattresses in the Bay area.

If you are looking to donate your mattress, the Salvation Army Thrift Stores in both Santa Clara and San Jose will take drop-off mattresses as well as do pick ups (though you must call ahead and schedule a time). In order to donate a mattress it must be clean, unstained, and untorn.

If you just want to recycle the mattress, the city of Palo Alto Recycling Drop-Off center is a good place to take it. They are located on 2380 Embarcadero Way. Bob's Foam Factory in Fremont will also take old mattresses, though they only accept mattresses that contain polyurethane foam.

For a more complete list of recycling centers, you can check out and enter mattresses. 

Lastly, if your mattress is still in decent condition, you can try reselling it on Craigs List and avoid the landfill altogether.

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