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 Are napkins and paper towels compost or waste?

Posted on Thursday, Apr. 1, 2010

Napkins are compostable because they break down easily and are typically used with food.

As for paper towels and facial tissue, that depends on how you're composting. They are technically compostable and are fine to put in compost if you're making your own. However, for large scale composting (like we're doing at SCU), they should be considered waste as they can contain pathogens.

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The Basics:
  • Recycling: paper, plastic (#1-#7), glass, aluminum, tin. Look for BLUE.
  • Compost: food waste, biodegradable material, (if it was once alive, it can be composted!). Look for GREEN.
  • Landfill waste: everything else! Look for RED or BLACK.
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