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Frequently Asked Questions About Waste Diversion

 Compost. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find out how, where, and what to compost on and off campus. Compost FAQs.

 Recycling. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

All plastics, metals, glass, and paper can be recycled on campus. Recycling FAQs.

 Landfill. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Chip bags, wrappers, and off-campus disposable items can be placed in landfill bins on campus. Landfill FAQs.

 Electronics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

Find out how to properly donate, recycle, or dispose of your electronics here. Electronics FAQs.

 Office supplies. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.
Office Supplies

Have old office supplies that you no longer need? There are many recycling options you can take. Office Supplies FAQs.

 Batteries and ink cartridges. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.
Batteries/Ink Cartridges

Batteries and ink cartridges need to be recycled separately. Batteries/Ink Cartridges FAQs.

 Donations. Photo from Pixabay.

Find out how to donate unwanted items such as books, clothes, and other supplies. Donations FAQs.

 Plastics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

All plastics, including thin-film plastics, can be recycled on campus. Candy wrappers and chip bags must be sent to landfill. Plastics FAQs.

 Move-out. Photo from SCU Office of Sustainability.

Find information for Spring Move-Out here. Move-out FAQs.


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Are Frozen Food Packages Recyclable?
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Check the type frozen food packaging to see if it is recyclable. Read More »
Paper vs Plastic: Can Laminated Paper Be Recycled?
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Laminated Paper cannot be recycled due to differences in the recycling process. Read More »
Can you compost Paper Towels? Yes!
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Paper towels (and any other paper products that DO NOT have plastic linings, pathogens, or bodily fluids)can be composted along with all other food scraps and compostable items. Read More »
I have a bunch of books I don't need... what should I do?
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You can donate or recycle them. Please don't put them in the blue paper recycling bags, books are heavy and rip the bags. Read More »
I'm an off-campus student. What are the rules for Santa Clara's curbside recycling program?
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Luckily, the rules for off-campus recycling are relatively similar to the ones on-campus; both programs are single-stream, meaning you don't have to sort out all the different types of recyclables. Read More »
I have a stack of carbonless copy forms that I can't use. Is it harmful to recycle this kind of paper?
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Quick answer: Nope, carbonless paper can be safely recycled like most other paper.

What is carbonless paper?

Carbonless paper is typically used when filling out forms. It consists of sheets of paper (usually of different colors) that are coated with micro-encapsulated dye or ink and/or reactive clay. Pressure applied to the top sheet breaks tiny micro-capsules on the backside of the paper, which then react with the clay on the top the next sheet to form a permanent mark. This is repeated for however many sheets are in the stack, often resulting in stronger markings near the top sheet and fainter markings near the bottom sheet. Carbonless paper can be used for longhand as well as mechanical writing, such as typewriters.

Carbonless paper should not be confused with carbon paper, a black inky sheet placed between two sheets of paper to make a pressure copy. Carbon paper cannot be recycled.

Read More »
I live in Sunnyvale and have a lot of old papers lying around; do I have to recycle it separately from my newspapers?
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Mixed paper can be recycled along with newspaper. Read More »
I am confused about the mixed recycling program. What belongs in mixed recycling, and where do I put recyclables?

Mixed recycling:

All paper, plastics (#1-7), aluminum, glass, and tin should be placed in containers labeled with the following: a recycling symbol (outdoor cement bins), "mixed recycling", "co-mingle recycling", "recycling", "aluminum", "glass", and "plastic". Most of these bins are square and maroon. 
Cardboard, e-waste, and universal waste do not belong in mixed recycling.
  • Cardboard gets flattened and placed near paper recycling containers.
  • E-waste and Universal waste depends on the location. In residence halls, these can be placed on the ground below the "e-waste" sign, or recycled at the building's service desk. In campus offices and other buildings, these items are either picked-up or mailed to Facilities.

We are in bit of a confusing time right now, as we update and standardize our recycling containers. We appreciate your patience!

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How do I recycle textbooks?
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Textbooks can be recycled along with any type of paper.  Because texbooks are quite heavy and have sharp corners, do NOT place them in blue paper recycling bags. Instead, please request a sturdy paper recycling container from Facilities.

Either call x4742, e-mail, or place a work order through AIM.

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Does SCU recycle hard and soft cover books?
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Both hard and soft cover books can be recycled here at Santa Clara University. If you are planning on recycling a small amount of soft-cover books, they can be placed in the blue paper recycling bag or recycling bin. 
However, if you are planning on recycling a large amount of books, Facilities should be contacted for a pick up at extension 4742. 
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What do I do with printer/copy paper packaging?
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Paper ream packaging IS RECYCLABLE.

In the past, these wrappers needed to be discarded in the waste bin because their waxy coating put them in a different paper recycling category.

Now, ALL PAPER TYPES can be recycled in the blue paper recycling bags near copiers, and in any container on campus labeled "recycling".

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Where can I recycle newspapers?

newspapersNewspapers can be placed in any recycling receptacle.

  • Residence halls: place your paper in the "recycling" bin at each residence hall’s waste disposal area.
  • Throughout campus: newspapers and all other paper recyclables should be placed in any bin labeled "recycling" as well as the blue recycling bags found near copiers.
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