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Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

Tips to conserve energy

Did you know that your cable or DVR boxes could be using more energy than your fridge? According to the National Resources Defense Council, a high definition DVR can use up to 446 kWh per year while an Energy Star refrigerator uses 415 kWh. If you want to reduce your energy consumption and increase your energy savings, try unplugging your cable boxes.

Americans throw away 1.6 billion single-use pens each year. In order to reduce the amount sent to landfill as well as the enormous energy costs of production, try using reusable or refillable pens.

Do you use appliances or electronics that constantly need batteries replaced such as Wii controllers or TV remotes? Try using rechargeable batteries instead. This gives your batteries a long lifespan and saves you money because you won't have to constantly replace them. When it comes time to throw batteries away, remember to recycle them properly:

  • place them in the blue containers at the front desk if you live on campus,
  • send them through intra-campus mail to Facilities if you are faculty or staff,
  • recycling them at City of Santa Clara drop-off sites

Energy use and electronics are a part of our daily lives, but be sure to recycle your e-waste properly by taking it to an environmentally certified recycler who will ensure that humans and the environment are respected during the recycling process of any hazardous components.

Campus Resident BONUS: Earn Energy Challenge enthusiasm points!
E-mail with a statement about how you are conserving energy this month, and you will win enthusiasm points for your RLC! Make sure to include your name and your RLC in the email.

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