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It’s time to start preparing for the academic year again. What are you steps are you going to take this year to reduce your impact and help SCU reach climate neutrality by the end of 2015? If you commute to campus, try setting up a carpool this year through our exclusive SCU Zimride program. You can find out who lives in your area and carpools to school or work. Driving back to school from your hometown? Post a ride and carpool back!

Dreaming of a new laptop or ipad? Electronics help make our lives easier, but because they contain heavy metals they can have harmful effects on our environment. Before you purchase a new gadget, ask yourself whether or not you really need it? Can you reuse or fix what you already have? If so, you will help reduce electronic waste and keep your wallet full. However, if you do decide to purchase electronics, make sure they are sustainably made such as Energy Star Products, EPEAT Registered, and Conflict Free Minerals labels. If you really need to dispose of your electronics, check out our FAQ page for ways to dispose of them safely.

One simple way to go “green” this fall is to reduce your paper waste. You can do this by using refillable binders instead of notebooks, going electronic (paper free!), using both sides of the paper whenever possible when printing and taking notes (here are SCU’s duplex printing instructions). Don’t forget to recycle your paper products and help SCU go Zero Waste!

It’s always tempting to purchase new products when the academic year begins, but a great way to help conserve resources and respect our planet is to pack light this fall. If you are wondering whether or not you really need that extra shelving, blender, or popsicle maker, wait until you get to campus. You might find that you don’t really need it or that your roommate already bought one!

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