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 Fresh from the Forge Garden

Urban Farming -- A Global Movement!

Pressures of urbanization and globalization continue to impact our food system, and more people around the world are beginning to look to urban centers as sources of food production. As our population right here in Santa Clara County grows, our agricultural lands are being turned into suburban developments. Farmland as we know it today, will look more like the Forge Garden in the future. Each week the Forge Garden brings local and organic produce to the SCU campus and greater community. Producing food on just a ½ acre of land, the garden distributes produce at the Friday Farm Stand (11:30-1:30pm, every Friday), donates produce to community partners, and hosts volunteer workdays and gardening workshops.

Consider the Forge Garden your local urban agricultural hotspot here in Santa Clara. In other cities around the world, innovative programs and projects regarding small-scale and urban agriculture are providing urbanites with fresh and nutritious fruits and veggies. With an estimated 60% of the world living in cities by 2030, many cities have begun taking action by establishing urban gardens and food systems.

Here are a few cool examples:
Detroit, Michigan: Food Fields, an urban farm, provides sustainable produce for local restaurants and grocery stores.
London, England: FARM:london, the first ‘urban gardening hub,’ known for aquaponic fish farming, rooftop chicken coops and productive greenhouses
Singapore: Sky Greens, a vertical gardening project with three-story high greenhouse systems throughout the metropolitan area, which are five to ten times more productive than conventional farms
Canada, U.S. and New Zealand: Sharing Backyards is a program that connects community members to open and unused lots in their neighborhoods to be transformed into community gardens

This new urban food landscape is largely a community-based system, in which people power the production and education is everything. Join the movement and take part in the Center for Sustainability and the Forge Garden programs and initiatives!

Contributed by Olivia Benson ‘14, Sustainability Intern, Garden Outreach & Events

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