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 Fresh from the Forge Garden

The Forge Garden is proud to promote and support sustainable businesses in our purchasing and public offerings. Local companies, such as Honey of Distinction, Helio Roast Coffee, and Start Organic, are not only our partners for programs and projects, they also offer their goods and services around the Bay Area. Supporting them at the Forge Garden helps bring publicity and new customers their way. Follow the links provided to learn more about these companies. Beyond our local businesses, the Forge strives to purchase from sustainable companies, such as Chico Bags and Gardeners Supply Co (a B-Corp), and small-scale artisans from Etsy, such as Common Sign.


Come to the Forge to see their products on display!

Of course, you, as a consumer are encouraged to source from local companies and sustainable businesses. The Sustainable Purchasing Guide, created by the Center for Sustainability will be a great reference tool for your shopping decisions. Good options for fresh fruits and vegetables are always found at the numerous Farmers Markets around the Bay Area, and right here at the Forge Garden; visit our Farm Stand on Fridays, from 11:30-1:30pm!


Contributed by Rose Madden, Organic Garden Manager of the Forge Garden

Tags: Food, Forge Garden, Responsible Consumerism



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