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 Did You Know?

Into the Wild-Locally. Photo courtesy of Into the Wild.

As Santa Clara’s latest Chartered Student Organization (CSO) continues to bring more and more students off campus, Into the Wild has become one of our greatest sustainability-focused clubs on campus. With opportunities to go rafting, backpacking, sailing, surfing, and hiking every weekend, Into the Wild provides students with ways to get out and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of life on campus. Gaining CSO status this year, Into the Wild also provides students with a resource to hang out, work on homework, and make new friends in their new office, located in downstairs Benson room 15.

While accompanying students and faculty on adventures all over California, Into the Wild also has day hikes every weekend that allow students access to the many local hiking trails that the bay area has to offer. Through these local trips, Into the Wild is working to help educate the Santa Clara community on the natural history of the many national and state parks the Bay Area has to offer. They are also developing projects to help offset carbon emissions from future trips in collaboration with the local community. So next time you’re thinking of flying home for the weekend or hanging out with nothing to do, sign up for an Into the Wild trip to get out, de-stress, and learn about what our local environment has to offer! Get up. Get out. Get Wild!

Contributed by Tom Wheeler ‘16, Intern, Academics

Tags: Did You Know?, Justice , Travel



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