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Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013

Santa Clara brand bottled water has been banned on campus! Throughout the process to ban SCU brand plastic water bottles on campus, many have questioned the quality of bottled water vs. tap water.

It is a myth that bottled water is of higher quality and more pure than tap water.

Santa Clara County gets the majority of its water from groundwater; the rest comes from snow or rainfall in the Sierra Nevadas, the San Joaquin River Delta, or San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy system. Recycled water is used primarily in the irrigation industry and for agriculture.

Bottled water is generally lower quality and is held to lower standards than tap water in America. Tap water is required to meet specific FDA standards, unlike bottled water. Up to 70% of bottled water is not regulated by the FDA at all. In addition, bottled water costs 10,000 times more than tap water and Americans spend over four billion dollars on bottled water every year.

The environmental impact of bottled water is increasingly dangerous. Over 900,000 tons of plastic are used to make bottled water, and despite recycling efforts, 90 percent of those plastic bottles are thrown in the trash and make their way into landfills, or worse, into the ocean.

Over 17 million barrels of oil are used to make bottled water and 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere as a result. The good news is that Santa Clara has a variety of places on campus for you to fill your new reusable bottle.

More facts about the environmental impact of bottled water.

It's easy to fill up a water bottle at filling stations located in most buildings on campus. Every water bottle filling station is filtered. The filters on the doors of refrigerators have internal filtration systems. SCU is lucky to be located in Santa Clara Valley where our water is more pure than it is in many places in the country. The Santa Clara community should enjoy the benefits of this clean water in order to divert millions of plastic bottles from landfills. Choose tap water and use a reusable water bottle.

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