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Monday, Nov. 4, 2013

It is often difficult to make healthy and ethical food choices. At Santa Clara, we are fortunate to have Bon Appétit as our food provider. Bon Appétit Management Company not only provides café and catering services to corporations, colleges and universities in 32 states, but also commits to socially responsible practices.

When dining in Marketplace or the Bronco, you may notice the signs and brochures that provide information on sources of food, how the food is raised or grown, or how you are reducing your carbon footprint. Bon Appétit stands apart from other companies because of their conservation efforts--for which they have been recognized on many occasions--including in the Ecological Society of America in 2005, The Humane Society of the United States in 2005, and the Seafood Choices Alliance in 2007.

On February 2012, Bon Appétit announced the launch of a comprehensive farm animal welfare policy. This policy requires:

  • All pork served (3 million pounds annually) be produced without gestation crate confinement systems by 2015.
  • All pre-cracked (liquid) eggs (11 million eggs annually) will be from hens living in cage-free farms by 2015.
  • The elimination of foie gras (livers of force-fed ducks) and veal from calves confined in crates, effective immediately.

Bon Appétit Management Company has supported humane animal-welfare practices for many years. This summer, SCU Dining Services was recognized by, a youth animal rights group. SCU participated in a survey by, investigating which college and university campuses are meeting demand for vegan dining options. This survey asked questions about options for guests to purchase non-dairy milks and vegan desserts, as well as the variety and frequency of vegan entrees and meal options. SCU is among the elite universities across the nation that earned an ‘A’ rating!

Dining with Bon Appétit makes it easier for college students to be conscientious consumers. Extend the university’s conscientious consumer mindset when you eat off-campus too. This Thanksgiving, consider how your potatoes were grown, how the turkey was raised, and where the pumpkin in your pie is from!

Contributed by Kelsey Baker '14, Sustainability Intern, Communications

Bon Appetit

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