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Fresh from the Forge Garden

Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

Last fall quarter, the Forge Garden and the LOCALS network (individuals who are Living Off Campus And Living Sustainably) piloted the vermicomposting program, in which five off-campus student houses took in approximately 500 squirmy new housemates! “I felt guilty for having to throw away my food scraps. Vermicomposting is just one easy step to live more sustainably,” shared first-time worm composter Lawrence Tse '15.

After attending the vermicomposting workshop in November, students learned the ins-and-outs of worm composting 101. Their afternoon training session included topics ranging from how composting works to feeding your worms and addressing problems one might encounter. At the end of the workshop, all the participants were able to take home their very own worm bin and begin the composting process in their own backyards. After months of feeding and processing food scraps, composters will have their first batch of fresh, fertile compost to use on their potted plants and home gardens. Senior Claudia Fernandez proudly shared that her worms have been given a well-rounded feeding before heading out for winter break. “Our house fed the worms veggie scraps, fruit peels, beans and coffee grinds.”

“I have definitely enjoyed this experience and found it a great way to avoid the landfill!” said junior Lisa McMonagle. “It’s fascinating and fun to see what these little worms can do.” The student worm-composters have been finding this form of composting very practical and easy to incorporate into their busy college student lifestyles. This pilot program has shown to be a great success so far.

Interested in worm composting? Contact the Forge Garden to get more information on how you can start the vermicomposting process in your own backyard!

Contributed by Olivia Benson ‘14 Sustainability Intern, Forge Events and Outreach

Tags: Forge Garden, Liaison Network, Responsible Consumerism, Student Life, Waste



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