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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one-fifth of the food in the U.S. is wasted each year, ending up in landfills, instead of feeding 49 million hungry people worldwide. Reduce your food waste by taking advantage of Dining Service's points system. Start by only taking a small portion of food, then going back for more if you want it.

Take advantage of the many options to reuse on campus. You can take your food to-go by signing up for an EcoTray, which is returned to Benson after every use until you're ready to use it again. Did you know that if you bring your own reusable mug when you buy coffee on campus you get a 10 cent discount? You can buy even more coffee at less cost to the environment!

Did you know that you can recycle aluminum foil? If you forget to use the EcoTray and put tinfoil over your compostable to-go plate, make sure to put it in the recycling, not the trash.

There are plenty of ways to make choices that show respect for those who've prepared your food when eating on campus. Starbucks, the campus coffee provider, serves only CAFE certified, ethically-sourced coffee. The Cellar Market, Sunstream, Cadence, and Mission Bakery all carry FairTrade and/or organic products. Not sure what all the labels mean? Visit this site to learn more.

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