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Friday, May. 2, 2014
Green Seal Certified

Have you heard of Green Seal products? No, it’s not an abnormally colored marine mammal - Green Seal is a non-profit organization committed to developing sustainability standards and offering third-party certification for companies’ products. These standards take into account chemical ingredients, life-cycle analysis of the materials, energy efficiency, and more. Essentially, if you want to know how sustainable your purchasing is, start checking for the Green Seal!

Santa Clara University’s Facilities Department strives to always purchase the most eco-friendly products, including cleaning supplies. As of last year’s major janitorial products purchasing, 86% were either Green Seal or EcoLogo (another “green” standardizing organization) certified. The vast majority of this success was due to sustainable paper products and compostable bin liners. Next year, Facilities plans to close the gap by adding more Green Seal hand cleaning products and floor chemicals.

To stay environmentally-conscious while cleaning at home (or in the residence hall), try products at your local grocery store or at SCU’s Cellar Market, where soap that is organic, fair trade, non-GMO, all-purpose, and smells wonderful is available! Goods like these are a great way to avoid harmful toxins in the places you live, while supporting a more sustainable world in the places they’re produced.

Contributed by Blair Libby '16, Intern, Waste Diversion

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