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What Can I Do?

Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010

This month's "What Can I Do?" will help you sustainably prepare for those rainy days.

Acid rain is a huge threat to both land and aquatic ecosystems. The precipitation, contaminated by pollutant gases in the atmosphere, can increase the acidity of bodies of water beyond suitable levels for aquatic plants and wildlife. Its corrosive effect on land ecosystems also weakens plant organisms and has been proven to slow the growth of forests. You can help reduce the likelihood of acid rain by reducing your emissions. A few popular methods include driving your car less or using less electricity. To learn more, visit *doc*

Switching from plastic to a reusable water bottle can save you money and save the natural environment from harmful pollutants and unnecessary waste. If you're having trouble making the transition, watch the Story of Bottled Water for some motivation.

Recycle rainwater by setting up a rainwater harvesting system in your backyard. Check out this guide for how to build a simple rainwater harvesting system so that you can recycle water that's collected in your gutters to irrigate your garden or lawn.

Rain-fed agriculture is an up-and-coming topic in sustainability, contributing nearly 60 percent of the world's food supply. Traditional irrigation, on the other hand, typically displaces communities in the developing world either by expanding arable land or by diverting vital water sources. You can better respect the environment and populations in drough-stricken countries by learning about and supporting rain-fed agriculture.

Compiled by Hannah Slocum, '11, Sustainability Intern

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