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Jessica Gagnon, Women's and Gender Studies

Wednesday, Apr. 1, 2009

As the Office Manager of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department (WGST), Jessica Gagnon oversees the smooth function of all things department related. She also tries to make their department as sustainable as possible, which is no easy feat in an office/academic environment. Jessica’s good habits have a positive impact on everyday WGST activities. For example, Jessica actively recycles her ink cartridges through SCU intercampus mail and helps faculty members who aren’t familiar with SCU’s recycling policies.

The WGST office moved to St. Joseph's Hall last summer and Jessica is very pleased with their new location. A smaller refrigerator was purchased for staff use, which reduces energy consumption. Whenver possible, Jessica uses quarter sheets instead of a whole page to advertise events, and prints on both sides. In fact, the department wisely invested in a double sided printer to reduce paper waste. The utilization of newsletter style emails is another sustainable method of advertising.

Jessica also takes the time to make sure computers are turned off each night and tries to rely on electronic documents as much as possible.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming 5th annual Feminists Week and other WGST events throughout the year! And congratulations to Jessica and the entire WGST staff and faculty for your great habits!

Interview by Jennifer Gore '09, Sustainability Intern

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