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Social Media Squad for Sustainability

The Social Media Squad (SMS) for Sustainability empowers anyone affiliated with Santa Clara University to implement the University's Strategic Plan by fostering Justice and Sustainability programs throughout the campus and local community. SMS members model and engage their social networks in sustainable behaviors in order to develop a culture of sustainability among SCU students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, and other friends of the University.

Sign up to be a part of the Social Media Squad(SMS) for Sustainability pilot group.

Social Media Squad (SMS) responsibilities

  • Join and check the Facebook group at least twice a month. Monthly updates are posted on a different sustainability topic as well as what is currently happening with the Center for Sustainability. Members can contribute questions and ideas for amplifying the message of sustainability and better yet, create their own content:
    • Post Sustainability Selfies: Show your friends what you're doing to live more sustainably. 
    • Share #Wisdom: Take what you're learning as a SMS member and share cool info with your followers.
  • Like, share, repost, and retweet @sustainablescu's posts.

*Duration: We ask SMS members to commit to an academic term.

Benefits of being part of the Social Media Squad (SMS) for Sustainability

  • Receive Sustainability SWAG indicating your role as a SMS member
  • Ideas to enhance your posts about sustainable behaviors
  • Extra support, resources, and early insider scoop from the Center for Sustainability
  • Opportunities to learn more about sustainability issues, current and popular social media trends, and more
  • A chance to connect and collaborate with others working to influence and inspire sustainable behaviors
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